Whether its your first pageant or fiftieth, I am here to help you prepare to present the best version of you, leave it all on the stage, and hopefully walk away with a brand new sparkling crown and sash!  From choosing the best pageant system to compete in, to walking out on stage and everywhere in between, my services aim to prepare you to showcase your inner Queen!   All consulting is done one-on-one, to insure the best results.  Some group clinics may be offered and clients are welcomed to join.  Serving as a Director, a judge, and a contestant, I bring multiple perspectives to the forefront to make sure that no stone is left unturned in your pageant preparation.  My titleholder resume includes: 

2002 - Miss Virginia Teen All American, 1st Runner-up

2002 - Miss Virginia Beach Teen All American

2010 - Ms Virginia American Coed, 1st Runner-up

2012 - Ms Virginia United States

2013 - Ms Mississippi United States

2014 - Ms Mississippi United States


Lauren Cannon

2012 Miss Hampton Roads United States

Shannon Carpenter

2012 Miss Teen Hampton Roads United States

Raydesha Goddard

2014 Ms Hampton Roads United States

(Runner-up, 2014 Ms Virginia United States)

Tracey Smith

2013 Miss Hampton Roads United States

(Top 5, Miss Virginia United States)

Trisha Darling

2013 Miss Teen Hampton Roads United States

Jasmine Canady

2014 Miss Hampton Roads United States

2014 Miss Virgin Islands United States

2016 Miss Peninsula Earth USA

2017 Miss Virginia Earth USA

Brooke Dave'

2014 Miss Teen Hampton Roads United States

Jaden Johnson

2014 Miss Jr Teen Hampton Roads United States

2014 Miss Pre-Teen Virginia United States

2015 Miss Pre-Teen New York United States

2015 Junior Miss Earth USA.

Alyssa Straniero

2017 Elite Miss Maryland (Miss Earth USA)

(Top 8, 2017 Elite Miss Earth USA)

2018 Elite Miss Maryland (Miss Earth USA)

(3rd Runner-up, 2018 Elite Miss Earth USA)

Fiona Nagy

2017 Miss Maryland Earth USA

(Top 10, 2017 Miss Earth USA)

Christina Choi
2017 Elite Miss Virginia (Miss Earth USA)
 (3rd Runner-up; Runway Winner, 2017 Elite Miss Earth USA) 
Lili Klainer
2018 Miss Virginia Earth USA
(Top 12; Talent Award,  2018 Miss Earth USA)
Taylor James
2017 Junior Miss Maryland (Miss Earth USA)
(2nd Runner-up; World Class Beauty Queens Magazine Cover Model Winner, 2017 Junior Miss Earth USA)
Christinaelena Ruiz

2018 Elite Miss Virginia (Miss Earth USA)

Tiffany Skiba
2019 Elite Miss Virginia (Miss Earth USA)
(Photogenic Award; Swimsuit Award, 2019 Elite Miss Earth USA)
Katie Ann Magyar
2019 Miss Virginia Earth USA
(Top 12, 2019 Miss Earth USA)
Leslie Jackson
2017 Teen Miss Earth USA
(Top 7, Teen Miss Earth International)
Alexa Arzillo

2017 Junior Miss Virginia (Miss Earth USA)

(Top 10; Miss Congeniality, 2017 Junior Miss Earth USA)

2018 Teen Miss Virginia (Miss Earth USA)

(2nd Runner-up; High-Point Public Speaking; Beauty for a Cause Award, 2018 Teen Miss Earth USA)

Agatha Dulce

2018 Teen Miss Maryland (Miss Earth USA)


Pageant Program Selection

Are you new to pageantry and are not really sure about where to start or which system to begin with?​  We will sit down together and discuss your interests, hobbies, talents, etc and find the right program fit for you!

$10.00/hr          booked in 1hr sessions


Seeking sponsors to underwrite your pageant expenses or for in-kind services is by far the best route to go.  At times, it can be difficult to figure out where to start and how to solicit sponsorship.  We have tools, techniques, and tricks that will help you reach your goal with ease.

$25.00/hr          booked in 1hr sessions


In most cases, your entry paperwork and bio sheet are the first chances the judges will have to get to know who you are and what you stand for.  We want to make sure that your first impression is an awesome and lasting impression!  We will review all your paperwork including your application, your bio sheet, and we will even review and make necessary suggestions on your ad page.  The goal is to have you capture the attention of your audience and judges before they have a chance to meet you in person!

booked in two-meeting sessions

(meeting #1: initial review; meeting #2:final edit)

Interview Prep

We have access to a host of distinguished industry professionals at hand to assist during the preparation process and serve as “judges”—interviewing in the same style as your selected pageant system.  This allows for thorough analysis and immediate feedback that will be beneficial to the contestant prior to competing.  Interview preparation also includes on-stage question practice.  We make sure you can answer any type of question on the spot, while refining your speaking skills and body language.

booked in 1hr sessions

Wardrobe Selection & Styling

Beginning with what you already have in your closet, we will find the best ensembles for competition.  Looking to find something new or different, but don't know where to begin?  We can help with that too...including shopping trips!​

Starting at $30.00/hr          booked in 1hr sessions


Under the direction of your pageant coach, we will work to create your perfect shot.  Our team of photographers to choose from will make sure that they capture the image that will catch every judges eye.

booked in 1hr sessions

Autograph Cards

Using your favorite image (supplied in high-resolution, 300dpi), we will create an autograph card sure to wow!

(check out the gallery)

$15.00 set-up fee          pricing varies based on quantity & shipping

Platform Development

Our mantra is “you didn’t do enough if your sash isn’t dirty!”.  The platform that you choose to support is an extremely important choice.  You are choosing to be an ambassador for said cause or organization throughout your entire reign.  Together, we will explore your interests and discuss issues and initiatives that are important to you.  From there, we will either craft your own cause or get on board with other established organizations so that you can promote and support.

$25.00/hr          booked in 1hr sessions

Appearance Management

Have a title and don't know where to begin? Our Appearance Management services can point you in the right direction.  With flexible three, six, nine, or full year terms, we can fully manage your appearance calendar, including: booking, schedule management, and even assisting with styling for appearances.

$250.00/3 month term          booked in 3,6,9, or 12 month terms

Stage Presence

Whether you’re new to pageants, just need a little more practice to sharpen your skills, or are a seasoned pageant vet who just wants to sharpen and perfect your walk, we work to ensure that your level of stage presence is one of the utmost elegance, poise, and confidence—commanding the attention of all who are in your presence.

booked in 1hr sessions

Complete Coaching & Consulting

Begins with selecting the pageant system that best fits your goals, talents, and abilities.  From there, you will receive assistance with securing sponsors, completing paperwork, interview and stage preparation, selecting competition wardrobe, directing headshot sessions, developing a game plan for executing your platform, and lastly, managing your appearance calendar--including bookings, schedule management, and wardrobe styling for events--ensuring that you make the most of your title year.

$1500.00/title year          booked as a 1yr contract

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